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Embark on an unforgettable private trip from Hurghada and explore the enchanting city of Luxor. Our tour starts bright and early at 5 am, ensuring you have ample time to immerse yourself in the historical wonders of Luxor before returning around 7 pm. Travel in utmost comfort and style as our air-conditioned luxury minibus transports you to each destination.

Your journey will be guided by a certified Egyptologist who will provide captivating commentary in your preferred language, enriching your understanding of the sites visited. Prepare to be awe-struck as you step into the magnificent Karnak Temple, a sprawling complex filled with towering columns and intricate carvings that reflect the grandeur of ancient Egypt.

Next, we'll take you to the awe-inspiring Hatshepsut Temple, an architectural masterpiece dedicated to one of Egypt's most renowned female pharaohs. Explore the temple's exquisite reliefs and learn about the captivating history of Queen Hatshepsut.

The highlight of your Luxor tour is undoubtedly the visit to the legendary Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of pharaohs and nobles from the New Kingdom era. Wander through the intricate maze of tombs and marvel at the intricate artwork and hieroglyphics that adorn the walls, providing insights into the ancient Egyptian belief in the afterlife.

No journey is complete without a stop at the majestic Memnon Colossi, colossal statues guarding the entrance to the Theban necropolis. 

To ensure your utmost comfort, we provide refreshing drinks throughout the day and a delectable lunch featuring authentic Egyptian cuisine. Delight your taste buds while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary private trip from Hurghada to Luxor. Immerse yourself in the rich history and captivating beauty of Egypt's ancient treasures. Book your tour now and prepare for an immersive journey through time and culture.

What's Included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

  • Round-trip transport by private, air-conditioned car

  • Services of a qualified Egyptologist guide in Luxor

  • Lunch at a quality restaurant

  • Bottled water during 

  • Entry fees to all monuments and museums

Luxor Tour from Hurghada: A Fascinating Journey through Ancient Egypt

More info and reservations:

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Luxor Tour from Hurghada: A Fascinating Journey through Ancient Egypt
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Personalized Luxor Experience: Tailored Tour from Hurghada
Exploring Luxor's Treasures: Unforgettable Tour from Hurghada
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We dont take any money in advance,
payment the day of the trip by any currency or by card in EGP

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