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Hop onto your rugged 4-wheel bike, don your supplied helmet, and get instructions on operating the controls. Once you feel comfortable, open the throttle and set out on your thrilling ride. Feel your confidence increase as you follow your guide in convoy across the sands, and pick up your speed along the way.

Kick up clouds of dust as you go, and soak up the scenery as you race over the desert sands and craggy terrain toward a Bedouin village. After roughly 28 miles (45 kilometers), pull up at the settlement.

Share some refreshing tea and, if you wish, puff on a shisha with the friendly locals, and enjoy dinner. Then, enjoy a short camel ride on the sands, and climb up one of the rolling dunes to take photos of the desert sunset.

Afterward, return to your quad bike and ride back to base.

What's Included

  • BBC Candles Dinner

  • Camel Ride

  • Quad safari adventure

  • Traditional Tea

  • Soft drinks

  • Bottled water

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